Provencal​ Lamb Stew

I love Lamb. I really do. I think at the end of the day it’s something that many people really love but are afraid to work with. But there’s one reason to start buying it instead of beef. Flavor.

Roast Venison Tenderloin

This was a recipe I learned in school and only felt a little inclined to change it slightly, but it was a recipe I really enjoyed. It was complicated, challenging, time-consuming and required you run on all cylinders if you wanted it done and done well. Although, in the case of Venison, I’m a firm fan of Medium or Medium-Rare.

White Wine Poached Pear Salad

Chef was calling across the kitchen on a Saturday last week at 3:05. I had already been at work since 1:45 and came to work early to get started on my depleted mise en place from our usual Friday night rush… I hadn’t yet shaken off my hangover.

Braised Fennel w/ Lardons

So you decided to grab your canvas bag, walk to the farmer’s market and grabbed several bulbs of fennel from the nice old hippy from upstate NY selling beautiful produce…

Burrata Ice Cream @ Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Now, if your doctor hasn’t spoken to you yet about this disease then you should switch doctors because [ice cream fever] is very serious and very contagious! Please, for the love of god, whatever you do, don’t get your loved ones infected or you will find yourself buying an exponentially larger amount of ice cream! Oh, the horrors!

Grilled Skirt Steak w/ Chimichurri

In today’s post, were grilling Skirt Steak. I’m gonna give you the low down on what Skirt Steak is, how to trim it and a great way to serve it. Let’s get cooking! Many of you are who eat beef may think you know what you like as far as what you want to order…

Grilled Cheese @ Melt Kraft

If you are reading this then you are the person and if you are a person you probably like grilled cheese!  I’m not a scientist or a mind reader, but I something about grilled cheese and its gooey deliciousness is something so… so… innate. Down to man’s very core, we love grilled cheese, so let’s get on…

Brunch @ The Mad Batter, Cape May, NJ

Ahhh brunch, the most bourgeoisie of meals. As pretty much everyone knows, brunch or the meal combining breakfast and lunch is an amazing thing. In the traditional sense, it should be on a Sunday at around 10:30. It should be long enough after you wake up, assuming you wake up like a normal person for…

Donuts @ Happy Camper, Provincetown, MA.

Over the last semester, my girlfriend went abroad. This chapter of her life took her to Copenhagen, Denmark. From January to May, she took courses ranging from Danish language (something I would later learn to be very difficult, even for a native Russian speaker – not sure why I thought that would make it easier)…

Upscale Mexican @ Toloache Thompson, Greenwich Village, NYC

wAs some of you know, I have recently graduated college from Franklin & Marshall college in Lancaster, PA. On its own, it is an accomplishment that I am extremely proud of. On Monday, I start my culinary classes at I.C.E. in Manhattan and am excited to begin this next chapter in my life. In the…