Grilled Cheese @ Melt Kraft

If you are reading this then you are the person and if you are a person you probably like grilled cheese!  I’m not a scientist or a mind reader, but I something about grilled cheese and its gooey deliciousness is something so… so… innate. Down to man’s very core, we love grilled cheese, so let’s get on with it so I can show you where you should be getting some if you live in NYC!


Pictured above this sentence is the exterior of Melt Kraft located on Macdougal St. in Greenwich Village. For those of you foodies in Manhattan who are acquainted with MacDougal St. I won’t have to tell you the literal plethora of restaurants that make this street heaven. On the corner is “by Chloe”, and less than two blocks north you can find Minetta Tavern, Thelewala, Insomnia Cookie, La Lanterna Di Vittorio (separate post coming soon!), Artichokes Basille, and so on and so forth. Fortunately for you readers, I live on Macdougal St. which means that you get the inside scoop on the best eats in the Village and more importantly Greenwich Village (for an example, check out our review with Toloache Thompson). Going back to my original point, this is Melt Kraft and its where your childlike love of grilled grew up and finally matured into something worth going out of your way for.


The spot is small, but its cozy and it’s enough space for a small bar area to see the street and eat quickly if the line isn’t out the door which I see more frequently than I initially thought would occur. The menu is straightforward and listed on the wall in big and interesting typesets that all detail the delicious ingredients in each sandwich in a pretty much pornographic manner. Today, I chose the Melter Skelter and what a good decision it was! Initially, I was worried because the two guys in front of me both got the Thunder Valley which contains cheddar, beef brisket, and Mac & Cheese and Mac & Cheese just in case you needed a little extra help having a grilled cheese induced coma.


So like I said, this is the Melter Skelter and it has 3-month aged raclette, pickled green tomatoes, (freshly sliced) jalapenos, BBQ chips (yea, inside!) and watercress. The combination is gooey yet delightfully sweet and nutty cheese, tangy tomatoes, spiciness from the jalapenos and a nice bitter bite from the watercress. The bread, slathered in butter, was pressed to a perfect (yet greasy so grab extra napkins) crisp and the butter really helped to round out the remaining rough edges of the flavor profile such as spice and bitter to a perfect flavor.


When you pick it up to start to take a bite you instantly notice that the melty cheese creates a bridge of deliciousness that stretches from half to half. But if you are really slow and careful you can hit the ultimate “cheese-pull” and have a massive distance between sides and really see the melt factor of the raclette. The reason that only certain cheese is used with grilled cheese sandwiches is because of this melt factor. For example, you might like feta, but it doesn’t melt, neither does ricotta. So when picking a cheese, you need to keep in mind how well it melts. At home, I like to use gruyere and Parmigiano Reggiano (grated and mixed). The combination is tangy and gooey and I have never been able to hold off long enough to get a picture, but mostly because I have never made a big deal about it. Melt Kraft, on the other hand, recognizes how awesome grilled cheese is.


Grilled cheese remind me of being a kid. When I was younger, I remember my mom used to make them with simple bread, butter in a hot pan and Kraft singles. What red-blooded American hasn’t had this?! NONE! THATS WHO! why? Because it’s simple, delicious and fulfills the most basic and perfect flavor and texture combinations; crunchy, gooey, salty, buttery. If you can hit those four criteria on any food, not just this, then you have a great product. This one just happens to be one that you can easily make on your own. Granted, it’s pretty easy to make it at home, but this place takes it to the next level! Something this good is worth the trip out of your way but if you can’t make it down to the Village, then it’s a good things they have a location in Brooklyn, Columbus Circle and the Upper East Side at 43rd St, or you can do the next best thing and do it like mom did; whitebread, kraft singles, buttered pan.

Remember in my last post when I said, “Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts”? WELL FUCK THAT AND FUCK THIS HEAT! IM READY FOR WINTER WITH THIS KIND OF HEAT, GOD DAMN! I figure the only way to beat this shitty heat was by hoping to get to a good ice cream place in New York City so if you got some suggestions on where to go let us know. For a shout out on our social media accounts, send us a picture of your favorite sandwich at your favorite spot and we will try to do our own independent review! If you got a tip on a place to go, send us a message on Facebook.

When you see something delicious, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it or find something better. Sometimes it’s easier than you think. Want to see more? like this post and hit subscribe! Don’t forget to check out our other social media accounts and comment below!

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