Heirloom Tomato & Smoked Bacon BLT @ Blue Pig Taven, Cape May

Tucked away in Cape May, NJ, at the southern part of the Washington Street Mall, located on Perry St and attached to the famous Congress Hall Resort is my mom’s favorite restaurant, The Blue Pig Tavern.

We try to go here during the late spring and summer to enjoy their beautiful outdoor seating and creative but not ostentatious menu selection.

Their menu features classic American dining with an attention to detail. Everything they do doesn’t seem to be pushed out like a regular kitchen at a Resort, rather, it would seem as though they have a kitchen that specializes in the attention to detail while still actually being passionate about the food. I find this to be refreshing because too often you will go to a restaurant attached to a resort only to be served the same food that can be delivered to your room… eww… It would seem that this is not that kind of restaurant. However, I have decided not to reach out to find out if they deliver to the rooms of guests because the food is just so damn good.

My girlfriend, Becky, lives up in Livingston (damn North Jerseyans!) but came down last week to spend some time with me at the shore. Because I live in a beach town (shout out to my hometown of Margate, NJ!) I often forget I have a beautiful beach to go to all the time. She and I spent some time at the beach but soon found ourselves doing nothing. 20150812_131325Now, generally I would have no complaints about doing nothing especially on my only two free weeks between 7 weeks working in a Manhattan Law Firm, 5 weeks of 2 summer classes and the beginning of my Fall semester of my Senior year, but we were getting bored. I suggested we go to Cape May for the afternoon to try and burn up some time and relax somewhere else. We hit the Parkway and were there by 12:30.

We slept in that morning and skipped breakfast so by the time we found parking and started walking it was just passed 1:00. I suggested mom’s favorite, The Blue Pig Tavern. She agreed and we were seated immediately.

As always, the outdoor seating is beautiful; wooden tables with light blue umbrellas covering as much sun as possible but still keeping it bright, perfectly white napkins and shining silverware lined the tables on the stone veranda with a history of Congress Hall under each napkin.

The menu is simple and not crowded like other resort restaurants. My girlfriend ordered the Caprese sandwich which stood around 6 inches tall and was filled with thick slices of tomato and mozzarella and was dripping with pesto. Let’s take a moment and enjoy that mental image…. Ok.

Attached to their regular menu was a small menu featuring organic heirloom tomato sandwiches, specifically, the most amazing BLT ever made. I ordered it with smoked bacon and their house-made cilantro mayo on Sourdough bread. 20150812_131332Holy mother of sandwich-Gods, I was not ready for what I have been blessed to receive. What stood before me was not just a sandwich, it was a revolution in sandwiches.

This BLT was unlike any other and could have brought down the Roman Empire faster than the Germanic leader Odoacer. I mean, Odoacer was a total fucking badass (shout out to my history majors, you know what’s up with Odoacer) but if Romulus had this sandwich to offer him instead of the Roman crown, Odoacer would have left Rome and never came back.

The heirloom tomatoes were bright, right and plump, the lettuce was crisp and the thick slices of bacon with deep smokey undertones were cooked to perfection. The mayo kept the thick slices of toasted sourdough from becoming a toasty/crumbly mess and the entire thing was moist and delicious.

When you see something delicious, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it or find something better. Sometimes it’s easier than you think. Want to see more? like this post and hit subscribe! Don’t forget to check out our other social media accounts and comment below!

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