Donuts @ Happy Camper, Provincetown, MA.

Over the last semester, my girlfriend went abroad. This chapter of her life took her to Copenhagen, Denmark. From January to May, she took courses ranging from Danish language (something I would later learn to be very difficult, even for a native Russian speaker – not sure why I thought that would make it easier) and sociology. While she was away studying, I was pushing through my final semester in college and I often found myself thinking about going away with her. Somewhere fun, somewhere, away from school and friends and family so we could just relax somewhere nice.

I decided to treat my girlfriend to a trip to Provincetown, Ma. I used to come here every Thanksgiving to visit my grandparents who are kicking well into their 80s (good for them). I was always looking forward to coming to “Ptown” (for those hip enough to say it, sorry I’m a total tourist #notsorry) and I always told my girlfriend how nice it was. She seemed excited so with the help of Airbnb, I got booked us 4 days away from everything except each other.

To be financially responsible young adults, we only ate out once a day and I cooked the rest, which was so nice for me because I love to cook (#culinaryschoolprobles). On our last day, before leaving, I wanted to take one last walk around town and also find coffee because I don’t function when I don’t have coffee.

Walking down Commercial St, we have on multiple occasions, walked past a bright yellow building. I did do some googleing and found out it was a donut shop. As many people know I don’t really have a sweet tooth but the bright paint job made me interested. I much prefer the savory rather than the sweet but today was national donut day and it smelled really good, so I said, “what the fuck, let’s get a donut!”.


The bright yellow building on Commercial St. is not hard to miss. It looks pretty funny and I’m gonna be honest, its pretty strange. I mean, the rest of the street looks like quintessential Cape Cod, but this place sticks out like a sour thumb which is a good thing because they deserve to be noticed.


Inside looks like a vintage ice cream shop and its pretty fucking cool. On your immediate right are tchotchkes and things, then is a fridge filled with some drinks including bottled cold brew coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters which has an amazingly well-brewed product line. At the very end is their popsicle station which features crazy flavors of house-made popsicles. It’s actually is pretty awesome and reminds me of a food truck I saw at the Made in America Festival in Philly last year, except this place had much better flavors!


On your immediate left when you walk in is a vintage Mrs. Pac-Man machine and bar area made from what looks like simple 2x4s and some logs. Very Cape Cod chic. On the wall hang art ranging from pieces of wood put together in strange geometric fashion, funny pictures of animals with sexual innuendos and even a map of the non-existent Cape Cod Subway system.


Further down on the left is their donut cabinet. Inside sits house made donuts. However, these weren’t simply donuts one finds at a Dunkin Donut, rather, these were bakery designed donuts meant to actually be something special. Just as you walk into a bakery looking for beautiful bread and not Wonder Bread, I felt the same approach applied here. I walked in expecting glazed donuts and crullers when I should have expected carrot cake and strawberry shortcake. These were truly a delight and a breath of freshness into the otherwise dull existence of the humble donut.


Rather than a simple glazed donut, they had a Vanilla Bean glazed donut and Strawberry Rose. Yes, they did have a chocolate glaze with rainbow sprinkles, but these aren’t the hyper mass produced, 10,000 an hour kind of donuts. These were made by someone who truly loves donuts and as an aspiring chef, I can say that when someone is truly passionate about what they are making it is noticeable and results in a greater product.


In honor of National Donut Day 2016, they made a special Maple Bacon Bar. I obviously got one. I mean, look at them, there gorgeous.


This donut was special. Someone put their time in with this one. The batter was really simple but had the perfect amount of aeration to make it light rather than a heavy pastry. The glaze had a perfectly subtle maple to it rather than an overpowering and synthetic taste to it that maple-flavored things often have. I am not a huge maple person, part of it is that I don’t have a sweet tooth and part of it is because when something says it’s maple flavored, I feel like I end up eating maple syrup which is overpowering and pretty rank. This was perfect. Not too sweet, not too maple-y, just perfect. The bacon, based on the fact that it held shape, was evenly cooked and was likely done in the oven. Kudos. By baking the bacon, it cooks more evenly because a pan only gives heat from the bottom which causes the bacon to curl and become uneven which is why your pan-cooked bacon may be overcooked in some parts and undercooked in others. The oven forces heat around the entire strip causing it to cook much more evenly and causing the bacon to retain structure rather than crispy and turn to powder. Bravo.


Overall, I really loved this place and implore everyone to grab a donut from here at some point because they really do the pastry some justice. Shame on mass produced donut operations *cough cough Dunkin Donuts cough cough*. This place is the real deal. It may be a whole year before I eat another donut, but if there is one place I want a donut from, it’s here.

When you see something delicious, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it or find something better. Sometimes it’s easier than you think. Want to see more? like this post and hit subscribe! Don’t forget to check out our other social media accounts and comment below!

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