Smoked Salmon Benedict @ Silk City Diner, Philadelphia

My sister goes to Drexel in Philadelphia where she is currently studying psychology. Fortunately for her, she still has about 2 years before graduation and therefore 2 years to decide her next move. Unlike her, I do not, my recent college graduation has put me in a strange place of mind. On one side, I have made my plans; I start culinary school in Manhattan at the end of June, on the other hand, the 9-month program is simply a 9-month delay in which I need to make another move.

While I exist in such a state, I am trying to pursue things that I had to put off during my latter years in college because I simply could not have the time to do like blogging on here, cooking, reading books for fun, laying on the beach and going fishing, ya know, things like that. While I relax, my sister (who doesn’t have summers off because she goes to Drexel and their weird schedules means they don’t have summer off) is living large and working hard in Philly. Like many Millenials, I use Snapchat as a means of instantly sending pictures to people, but only for a couple seconds, then the picture disappears. My sister is notorious for her use of such things to send me updates on her latest meals. That’s how I learned about Silk City Diner & Lounge.

I think it was back in September 2015 when I got a picture of a huge plate of lox with eggs and a bagel with the message “they make homemade lox!” followed by some amalgamation of emojis. I had to go; homemade lox?! FUCKING.SOLD.


Since than, I have probably been here at least once a month and I live like an hour from Philly. One of the last times I went, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict which comes with house cured smoked salmon, sautéed spinach, english muffin, dill hollandaise, and home fries. This may be one the best fucking Benedicts I have ever had! The quality of the lox is impeccable. I mean I make my own gravlax (post coming… eventually…) and this is really good. The cuts are nice and thick and perfectly cured. The eggs had the perfect amount of runny-ness to create an erotic flow of yoke down onto the lightly toasted english muffin. The hollandaise is smooth, creamy and perfectly flavored and ITS NOT GELANTENOUS! THANK JESUS! I fucking hate when you order eggs benedict and the hollandaise is fucking jiggly! IF I EVER SEE SOMEONE MAKE THEIR HOLLANDAISE AND IT JIGGLES, IM GONNA PUNCH THEM IN THE FUCKING JUJUNEM!

In summation, this was the absolute best eggs benedict I have ever eaten. Aside from the great quality of the ingredients, what makes this dish so good is that is isn’t trying to revolutionize eggs benedict. I like that, and I think in all honesty, a lot of people do. Lets be real, most people don’t want food they have to think about and at least for me, unless I’m going out of my way to have something different, I just want the classics made impeccably well. This does that. Silk City is worth the trip because they aren’t revolutionizing food. They don’t make weird foams and anoint the plate with oils and ostentatious plating styles, they make good fucking food. Places like this are why I love food.


Philly may be the city of brotherly love, but when your sister tells you about somewhere amazing to eat, trust her, she knows when its good.

When you see something delicious, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it or find something better. Sometimes it’s easier than you think. Want to see more? like this post and hit subscribe! Don’t forget to check out our other social media accounts and comment below!

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