Cupcakes @ Sweet Girlz Bakery, Easton

For those of you that know me, I do not have a sweet tooth. This time was different. This time, I was surprised.

Tucked away in Easton, PA, is a small bakery run by Jill & Kari who opened Sweet Girlz in 2008 with homemade jams. In 2010, they began producing cake-pops and became more well known and established. In December
2011, they opened up their commercial space in Downtown Easton and have been there since.


When it comes to bakeries, I generally see two types; professional and passionates. Professional bakeries are the ones you see on Lexington Ave in Manhattan with fancy bread that cost $0.70 to make but you will buy for $8. These sorts of places are good at what they make, but they generally produce at such a large volume that they some products are simply better than others. When the bread is great, the sweets may be lacking. I’m not shitting on nice Manhattan bakeries, I’m simply stating an obvious fact.

The other type of bakery is one that that progressed from a home business based on a passion that turned into a commercial production. Their products are specialized, catered to the local environment and follow food trends. Regarding food trends, I approve of them. They allow for food to evolve and become something new. Without food trends, the culinary world would be a bit dull. #sorrynotsorry


I am happy to see a Bakery that has decided to follow their passion. When I walked in, the smell of pastries and confections filled my nose and smile appeared. It such an inviting smell. The tantalizing smell of baked goods will always be a soft spot for me, even if I lack the sweet tooth. Their space was small but well organized and well appointed. A glass case housed about two dozen different types of cupcakes. Generally speaking, I am not one for cupcakes; their batter is often dry and the frosting is overly sweetened buttercream. It’s just a weird combination that I never truly enjoyed. But these cupcakes were different. Oh boy, were these different.


I ordered 6 to go. They offer containers of 2, 6, and 12. An order of 5 gets the 6th free. I’d call this a good deal. We picked Salted Caramel, Black & White, Heaven, French Toast, Peanut Butter and one with Chocolate and Banana. The batter was perfectly moist. The icing wasn’t overly rich or sweet and had a perfect balance. When I took a full bite, the flavors were clear and pronounced, exactly what one would want. The presentation was exceptional. Shoutout to the French Toast flavor which tasted like Captain Crunch. This was some real deal shit here.


I hope I get a chance to come back and try these again because they were awesome. Perfect cupcakes in every way. I won’t lie, these were fucking awesome – game recognizes games. I may not be able to bake like these sweet ladies, but god damn I wish I could. This should be a lesson on how you should follow what you love. Remember, it’s not rocket science, its food porn, bruh.

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