Hummus and Avocado @ Cheese Board, Northfield, NJ

My sister is 8 years younger than me and we don’t spend a lot of time together because I am in college and she still lives at home. I mean, she is 13, she better be living at home. Anyways, before my senior year started I wanted to get a fresh AF haircut so all the honies would mack on me back at school. Just kidding, I’m in a relationship (love you, babe!). But I did want to look good. I offered my sister to come with me and she could get his ridiculous quaf on her head cut down to something more normal. She agreed and we got some time to hang out for the afternoon.

After we left the barber I was so hungry that could have eaten a horse. My family is vegetarian but after college started and I learned what BACON is, I decided it wasn’t for me. I still have a deep respect for vegetarian cuisine and do not NEED meat at every meal, but I mean, bacon.

Sarah doesn’t quite agree with me. Actually, She decided a few moths ago to become totally vegan. I guess I’m proud of a 13-year-old for making such a decision, but like really dude? My mom seems to think that not telling her that her Adidas High-Tops which are leather are secretly “fake leather” is ok. Whatever Mom, whatever.

There is a cheese shop near me that makes great sandwiches. I usually get their tuna because it’s fishing awesome and that’s what I got. I decided today I wanted a wrap and deemed it tasty, but not photo worthy. Sarah’s sandwich, the Cucumber, and Avocado was made with homemade hummus, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts and golden Italian dressing on his choice of whole wheat bread. It was so beautiful I had to take a picture. This sandwich is easily re-creatable and really makes me remember why being a vegetarian is treating your body well. If I had a sandwich like this ready to eat every day, I don’t think I would mind going back to being a vegetarian.

Moral of the story: my little sister picked a better sandwich than me. Fuck. The recipe to assemble is below.

Cucumber and Avocado






alfalfa sprouts

Italian dressing

whole wheat bread

  1. Spread a small amount of Italian dressing on one-half of each slice of bread.
  2. Beginning with the bottom of the sandwich, assemble with hummus, guacamole, avocados, tomatoes and finish with sprouts
  3. Protip: If you wish to add cheese, choose something sharp such as a Vermont Cheddar.
Sandwiches like this should be a staple for people. Whether you go out and spend $9 on it, or the $1.70 in ingredients to make it yourself is beside the point. Sometimes, all you need is a good sandwich and someone to hang out with. Remember, it’s not rocket science, its food porn, bruh.

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  1. Ginger Sayegh says:

    Looking forward to more from you!


    1. Daniel Glass says:

      Heyy Ginger! Thanks for the comment! Don’t forget to subscribe so you can get the latest posts!


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