Summer Salads

“You better make sure you marry someone who knows how to cook…. and makes a lot of money!”

It started at a young age: the playful mocking, the light-hearted chuckles. It’s not easing living in a household where your father is a baker and your mother and brother are both chefs. Yes, I say it’s not easy as I stuff semolina loafs, any type of seafood (besides my mom’s shrimp-phobia), cakes, pies, homemade hummus, (honestly any type of food you can think of), down my throat. It’s not easy I tell you!

I never thought I had big shoes to fill, unlike most people who know my family thinks. It wasn’t until I actually entered college that I actually started thinking about my future. Every single college freshman (or 18-year-old kid (young adult) ((college isn’t for everyone))) knows that exact feeling.

“What are you majoring in?”

“What do you want to do after graduation?”

“What suburb do you want to live in with your white-picket fence, 2.5 children, and a golden retriever?” (sidenote: no one has actually ever asked me this question) (2nd sidenote aimed to adult crowd reading: you might as well ask this!!!!)

Honestly, I don’t know what I want to do in two hours so please don’t ask me what I want to do with my entire life. The one thing I did realize once I entered college was: shit, the only food I know how to make is guacamole. Yes, it’s a great recipe to have in your repertoire of recipes, but practical..? Debatable. My freshman roommate (shout out to Jackie!!!!) and I both agreed that guacamole is a necessity of life. We also both agree that we could probably live off guacamole and be content. One night, after my fifth serving of said guac (also a very angry phone call from my dad who threatened to cut up my American express card if I grubhubed one more order of sushi) (side note: sorry dad I refused to eat at my campus dining hall’s food) (second side note: it’s your fault I have such expectations of food), I had a revelation. I should start learning how to actually cook food.

A photo of my freshman year roommate and I dining on canned pickles at 4 am I thought was relevant

I grew up in a vegetarian/pescetarian household. It wasn’t until my second year of high school I started a journey of health and fitness. Yes I loved my dad’s chocolate tortes, and yes I will eat my mom’s mac and cheese until I pass out from carb-overload (carb-overload: n. an excessive amount of carbs to the point where your intestine turn into carbs and slowly turns your blood into carbs, hence turning your whole body into one singular carbohydrate molecule). But I learned the key to any healthy life is moderation! During this time, however, I never actually had to cook anything, due to my brother still living at home, my mom and her vast repertoire of healthy recipes, and the TWENTY-THREE smoothie cookbooks I own. Greek yogurt, soymilk, and black coffee are all staples I live off of. However, yes I do enjoy casually eating a whole pie of pizza from South End (the greatest pizza joint in South Jersey) at 3am (sorry dad) with my best friend (hi Carly!!!!). And yes, I do enjoy stuffed french toast, pancakes, and waffles a mere 5 hours after eating said pizza (hi Carly again!!!).

Due to my college’s odd class schedules (quarters not semesters) (quarters not trimester)(#DrexelShaft for all my Drexel peeps reading this), I have one whole summer off my whole college career!!! Yay!!! I was also not hired at any of the jobs I applied for!!!! (probably because I got fired from all my previous jobs)(future employers/past employers: I hope you are not reading this and if you are… SORRY). That being said, I had (still have) A LOT of free time this summer. Having free time is all great and fun until you find yourself playing the same song/your favorite song (Where is my Mind- Pixies) on the piano in different octaves for 10 hours straight because you are so bored. This summer, I took it upon myself to start learning how to actually cook (LIKE A DOMESTICATED ADULT, WOMAN OF SOCIETY!!).

I wasn’t lying about pizza at 3am and breakfast at 8am

My brother told me to write about my day leading up to whatever meal I am blogging about, but I don’t think you readers want to hear how I rode my bike to the farmer’s market this morning in a dress and flashed all of South Jersey my hooch (sorry dad). So here (finally, thank you for reading all the unnecessary blogging): I present to you tonight, August 27th’s (whoa where did August go???) dinner!!!!!!!

Fresh Farm Salad


-Baby Kale


-Baby Tomatoes



-Kalamata Olives

-Sunflower Seeds

Directions: Place all ingredients into a very large bowl and eat the mother freaking salad like your life depends on it.


~Tomato and Mozzarella Salad~


Blobs of Fresh Sea-Salt Mozzarella

-Balsamic Glaze



Directions: Slice an equal ratio of tomato to mozzarella. Place on a cool-looking dish. Drizzle a lot of balsamic glaze all over that ish. Generously use a lot of salt and pepper because it supposedly gives it flavor.


~Grilled (Didn’t Really Use a Grill) Peaches~


-Olive Oil

-Ginger Glaze

Directions: Cut peaches around the pit, twist, pull apart. Pour olive oil into a frying pan. Place peaches face down on the pan and let that ish sizzle. After about 10/15 minutes, turn stove off, flip peaches onto their rounder part and let them cool down. After about 5 minutes, place face down onto a bunch of paper towels so they can leak!!! After 5 more minutes, turn them back side up and drizzle that ginger glaze all over that ish.IMG_3943

Obviously this was a very healthy meal, so to end the night, I recommend double dark chocolate gelato paired with raspberry gelato so you can mildly relieve your ailing sweet tooth (caution: try not to eat the entire pint in one sitting) (side note: if you do, it’s okay, you ate a pretty healthy meal, and you deserve it, girlfriend).

Thank you for bearing with me and my amateur recipe writing/blogging. Also!!!! Stay tuned for more blog posts by yours truly because come September, I will be permanently locating to Philadelphia and living in my very own apartment (thank you parents for letting me mooch off you for as long as humanly possible) with my best friend!!!!! (hi Jaymie).

When you see something delicious, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it or find something better. Sometimes it’s easier than you think. Want to see more? like this post and hit subscribe! Don’t forget to check out our other social media accounts and comment below!

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PS: Courtney killed Kurt


Mary is a 19-year-old college undergraduate who has no idea what she is going to do with her psychology degree (so don’t ask) blogging about her adventures in Philadelphia.


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