Passenger’s Coffee’s Bottled Cold Brew is the future of coffee

Earlier this week, I published a post about Mean Cup coffee and how their coffee and pastries have saved your life more than once. Mean Cup is damn good coffee in a traditional college coffee shop format; good coffee, house blends, dope artwork, you know, the usual. But there are other coffee places in town and they all offer different things. Passenger Coffee Roasters reminds me a lot of like a small batch distillery because their operations are small and they care about their products on a very personalized and very specialized level. 20150712_150403Currently they are selling coffee products our of their beautiful Airstream at the Lancaster pop-up park which is locates 188 N. Prince St. in Downtown Lancaster, Pa. Some friends of mine invited me out there today on a whim with the allure of “Bro they have bottled cold brew! you have to come here and try this!” Honestly that all it took get my ass in gear and go downtown to try this and I am so glad I did because it ended up becoming a game changer for me.

A big problem I have with cold brew coffee is that it’s not much of an improvement from regular hot coffee other than the fact that it was made cold, which is great in its own way because brewing coffee cold changes the coffee as opposed to brewing it hot. But it’s not an innovation in coffee and as much as Starbucks or your Pinterest obsessed friend who made ice coffee with coffee ice cubes wants you to think, this isn’t new knowledge. It’s not like Patrick Star woke up today and Bikini Bottom just invented cold brew, hell no, this shit has been around for a long time. Why am I still complaining about this? Because Passenger did it differently and did some innovating shit. Passenger bottled their coffee. Now some of you are saying, “oh big deal, I know a place that does that” well good for fucking you, ya yuppie, now fuck off because I haven’t and I’m impressed! I have heard Square One coffee (another coffee shop in Lancaster) also bottles their cold brew but I haven’t had time to get there, so I’m probably go do that pretty soon so I can compare the two, but that’s a post for a different time. I’ll admit, I have heard of some small pop-up coffee shops bottling their cold brew, but It always black. Not Passenger, they bottle a black coffee AND ONE WITH MILK A PURE CANE SUGAR! This shit is fucking next level and it is the future of coffee!


Why is this an innovation!? Milk spoils, so if you are selling product like this, it means it is being made on a regular basis, which means its in demand, which mean people want it, and if my marketing and economics courses that I’m taking this summer have thought me anything it’s that people buy things they like and this stuff is really fucking good! Like really fucking good coffee made with really good beans they cold steep in big containers like massive containers of tea. I actually decided to buy a bottle of black and one with milk and PURE CANE SUGAR, each at $4 a piece which i thought was a bit much for a regular coffee, but i can understand why these are a bit more. With these, it’s not just the coffee. It would be like going to a liquor store and buying a bottle of Segrams versus a bottle of Glenlivet. One you can just get by with, its your daily go to (*drinking daily may be a sign of a greater problem and you should see a doctor, jk I’m in college) but that Glenlivet, that is for when you want something special. Is a $4 bottle of cold brew going to be your daily coffee? Probably not, not for me and my broke college ass. No this is something special and it should be treated with respect. This coffee is really good. They guy behind the bar started telling me about their different beans and which ones go into their cold brew and i gotta be honest i was really impressed because it’s not a storefront, it’s a Streamliner, like with wheels, that moves. The bottles were beautiful and reminded me of something a high-end chocolate stout would come with the brown versus black bottle.20150712_150430 The coffee itself was not bitter, not watery and had not bad, like at all, which to me is a sign that this coffee was really well made, really well-tested and really enjoyed by the people who own it and the people who buy it. I am really happy that my friends told me to come by because was really good coffee and was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.
My friends are I sat at the table, partly shaded by the trees, surrounded by hipsters, bohemian and college students, young families with children and parents with tattoos and dads with punk rock shirts, all sitting together in the pop-up park, enjoying the coffee and ice cream (don’t worry, that’s post is coming soon!) and generally enjoying the day. Lancaster is kind of great town now that I think about it because it is a town of invasion and enjoyment. We create because we want it. Maybe its profit driven creation but when you can sit together with your friends and just enjoy really good coffee in a place where other people wanna do the same thing is just the most relaxing thing ever.

If you have a suggestion for a place that sells bottles cold brew coffee in the Harrisburg, Philly, South Jersey area let us know and maybe we can find some time to grab a bottle and see how they compare. Until than, enjoy your hot fucking coffee in the hot fucking heat you moron.

Food Porn, Bruh.


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