How Mean Cup’s coffee just saved your day.

Beep, Beep, Beep… it’s 7:30 am. Class starts in 60 minutes. You decided to get up and do work before class because your stupid ass decided to stay up and play flip-cup until 2 am. You hit snooze. Now its 7:50 am. The impending doom that is your 8:30 am class is just around the corner and the work you were supposed to do is just not getting done so might as well start showering. It’s 8:10 and you’re hungry and need coffee to fight the serious lack of sleep and the counteract the fact that you are still metabolizing the 9 Nattys that you drank in your late night debauchery. 4 blocks from campus is Mean Cup, the place for your coffee. While Lancaster, Pa is known for the Bohemian food and art scene, Mean Cup is the classic college coffee shop, or CCCS for short. On the walls hangs artwork of Godzilla destroying everything which is very good representation of your previous Friday night at (insert fraternity here) where you won “white girl of the party” award, but I digress. Right now, you are firing on 3 of 8 cylinders and you need caffeine. You need a mean cup of coffee. You need Mean Cup. Its simple and not like Starbucks or as your professor probably calls them “fascist corporate coffee bastards”, rather they just make damn good coffee. Before you even order you see their display fridge filled with homemade sandwiches like the Italian Market made of focaccia which is a personal favorite but usually runs out before I can grab one so I don’t have a picture yet or the Power Much which is their vegan sandwich (actually awesome too, stop being afraid of not eating meat and try this). They also offer other pre-made offering like chickpea salad or quinoa. There are also Stratas, an egg dish akin to a frittata, which comes with different types of meat, cheese and veggies and a few pastries as well. Now this morning is now the morning to get caught up in their food, thats a post for a different time, because you are barely walking straight right now and need to get your fix. Your stomach can’t handle too much but you need something. You order a large dark roast coffee which today is their Costa Rican blend and a croissant. What appears before you is a miracle and a monster, delicious and destructive, perfect in every way. The coffee is piping hot but the steam doesn’t scare. The rich aroma of the Costa Rican blend fills your nostrils and already you feel a bit more charged. The croissant is so big you should probably give it to your guy in the Chemistry department to check for radiation levels. Like what the fuck guys? who makes a croissant this big? You are humbled and thankful for the saving grace you have just been given and you barely utter a “thank you” before you run out the door, because it’s 8:27, and you’re gonna be late

You run to class. You barely make it as it’s 8:31, but no professor yet. You take a seat as close to your normal spot as possible because you know somebody just took your normal seat. Fuck them. You get yourself together, grab your notebook and take it out and pretend like you are reading through your notes that you took from last night’s reading assignment you didn’t do. the professor walks in and gets right into their normal lecture and you sit in your not regular seat waiting to take your first sip. Finally, you have your chance and it’s not too hot. Silence. Hallelujah is ringing in the background and you are once again capable of being a human being. The coffee is rich and beautiful, its not watery or burnt and has that robust flavor that fuels a billion dollar industry as well as your hangover. You wait until the professor gets into full swing before trying to eat your big fucking nuclear croissant but when you finally have your chance you take it and it is glorious. The flakey layers are just flakey enough to establish the classic pastry-ness but its so big and has so much dough that it acts as the perfect sponge for the shit your liver is desperately still trying to process. This is how you get through the rest of the day. and every you are forever thankful that Mean Cup has saved your life.

Today’s stories has been brought to you by experience, the letter “Y”, the number “6”, and shitty domestic beer. Im hoping to get a chance to go with some friends sometime soon and order a few more things so we can show you how awesome Mean Cup really is. their atmosphere is amazing, their coffee is to die for, and their food is delicious. I am eternally grateful for your existence and can’t wait to go back again… probably tomorrow…

Food Porn, Bruh


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  1. M says:

    Awesome post! I love coffee too, check out my blog Coffee Crusader at when you get a chance! 🙂


    1. Daniel Glass says:

      hey Coffee Crusader, I liked your blog! i am actually live in Lancaster (pa) and here we have two local coffee shops that bottle their own cold brew and i have a post coming about them this week. Don forget to stop by later this week to check it out!


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