How a sandwich (should be and) is made by Melt Sandwich Shop

Sandwiches. Its an easy formula that combines bread filled with meats and other delicious items that are meant to satisfy. We have lost our way and the art of the perfect sandwich has been lost upon us as we have been spoiled by the gluttony of cheap delis and half-assed fast food. In Westchester, New York, the Melt Sandwich Shop has showed us that this abhorrent affront to sandwiches has been noticed, because this is how you make a god damn sandwich.

The shop itself is small and has a few tables and an area when the sandwiches are being made. As i quickly found out, this was a family owned operation with the wife at the counter and the husband making the sandwiches. The process was easy, choose from the bread options, choose a meat that was prepared that day and choose a style of sandwich. Now i could go on and talk about this, but i won’t because the beauty of the process is its simplicity and the quality of the food that is being made is unmatched by any shop i have ever been to.


The picture explains all that needs to be explained but aside from sandwiches are pizzas and salads all of which are made and prepared as ordered. The shop smelled wonderful and was welcoming. The few tables by the window were packed and not much was being said because each person was eating. A good restaurant allows people the ability to speak, a great restaurant makes people want to eat without speaking. It’s a lot like being at home when my mom would make something so good that nobody would speak because we were enjoying it so much. Everyone was offering their eating partner a bite of what they had because there were so many combinations. I even overheard two guys talk about how the two sandwiches each that they ordered which were all different were so good that they were happy they picked today to be their cheat day. These guys were fucking yoked by the way so I assume that if these two muscle-nuts chose here to be their cheat day, it had to be good. I ordered exactly as followed.

Bread: Flat

Smokes and Roasts: Ancho Chile Brown Sugar Brisket

Combination: The Spicy

Now I was warned that this would be messy but i was skeptical. I sat down. I waited. My mouth watered as I stole glances from other patron’s selections. Finally, the moment arrived when my name was called and my hand shot up! Like disarming a bomb, I slowly unwrapped the sandwich. Steam slowly rolled out and what lay before me was a revolution of sandwich. It was glorious. The bread was grilled, char marks lining a soft and slightly chewy bread with the perfect outer crisp. The brisket was tender and flavorful with the slightly sweet flavor of the brown sugar just barely appearing before “The Spicy” took full force. For those that know me, I aint no bitch. I like my food spicy. Holy shit was this spicy. But more than spicy, it was flavorful. Often spicy food lacks depth and is simply hot for the sake of being hot. This was so much more because the red onions balanced the green chilis and the white cheddar gave it the perfect level of gooey that makes a beautiful sandwich worth instagraming. This sandwich was amazing. It was everything i wanted and nothing more. Its perfection lies in its simplicity combined with well made food. I am unfortunately no longer living in that area and hope one day to return, but until than, I will miss having something this good. Shoutout to the owners, y’all know how to make the best fucking sandwich!

Do you know another sandwich place to try? Have you been to the Melt Sandwich Shop and have a suggestion on what to get? Comment below and let us know and you may receive a shoutout. Until than, hit the follow button below and keep eating delicious shit.

Food Porn, Bruh.


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